Adventure Awaits You at Sam Houston National Forest

Less than 30 minutes from ARTAVIA™, lies a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. Named for the first President of the Republic of Texas, the Sam Houston National Forest is remarkable for its biodiversity, year-round mild weather and almost limitless outdoor activities. 

The forest contains 163,037 acres and it is located between Huntsville, Conroe, Cleveland and Richards, Texas. It is composed of land in Montgomery, Walker, and San Jacinto counties. These three counties have yielded evidence of human occupation dating back at least 12,000 years. 

Today, this lush landscape has been carefully nurtured to the benefit of amazing vegetation, wildlife, birds and, of course, humans seeking refuge from urban life.

What Are Your Favorite Outdoor Activities?

The residents of ARTAVIA™, a master-planned community located just north of Houston in Conroe, chose to live here for a variety of reasons, including its convenient location to one of the most dynamic cities in America, fabulous amenities and the natural beauty of the surrounding “piney woods.” These pine trees and hundreds of more species can be found in the Sam Houston National Forest and they serve as a dramatic backdrop for LOTS of adventure.


According to the park website, “Hiking is one of the most popular ways to enjoy the forest and its beauty. The 128-mile Lone Star Hiking Trail, a portion of which has gained National Recreation Trail status, winds through the Sam Houston National Forest. The trail has recreation areas available at three different points.” 

Wilderness Areas

The 3,855-acre Little Lake Creek Wilderness is on the western edge of the park, about five miles north of the City of Montgomery. The area derives its name from the perennial creek of the same name that flows south through the center.
The 1,420-acre Big Creek Scenic Area was established in 1962 as a special interest area. Noted for its vegetative diversity and scenic qualities, the area was set aside primarily for recreational enjoyment. No camping is allowed in this area. The Lone Star Hiking Trail goes through the scenic area offering four trail loops of various lengths for hikers to enjoy. 


Because it is such an authentic experience, younger people (millennials and GenZ) have joined older outdoor enthusiasts in their love of camping. This spectacular park has some of the best camping spots in North America. There are three developed campgrounds in the Sam Houston National Forest: Cagle, Double Lake & Stubblefield Recreation Areas. To get information on the locations and reservations for any of these areas, campers can call the National Parks service at 877.444.6777 or


Whatever time of year it is, “they’re always biting” on the lakes and streams of this magnificent forest. On the northeast boundary lies the 82,600-acre Lake Livingston. Lake Conroe, to the southwest, offers 22,000 acres of water-oriented recreation. Both lakes are noted for black bass and year round fishing. The Forest Service provides three access points to Lake Conroe: A boat slip on the San Jacinto River near Stubblefield Recreation Area north on the lake, a boat ramp along the northeastern shore of Lake Conroe at Cagle Recreation Area, and another boat ramp at Scotts Ridge on the southwestern shore of the lake.


Hunters help sustain the wildlife and habitat in the Sam Houston National Forest. Extra fees paid by hunters who use wildlife management areas are collected by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and are returned to the Forest Service for use in those areas. These funds pay for a variety of programs to improve wildlife habitat and other enhancement programs such as wild turkey restoration, creation of wildlife openings and additional law enforcement.  

Water Sports

Both Lake Conroe and Lake Livingston offer fine pleasure boating and water sports. Lake Conroe and the southern section of Lake Livingston offer open water for sailing.

Surrounded by Nature’s Best

The combination of the efficiency and amenities of a master-planned community surrounded by the natural beauty of an area such as Sam Houston National Forest make ARTAVIA™ a perfect lifestyle balance for residents. Click here to find out how you can join them. 

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