The Humble Doorbell: Now A High-tech Security Device

Once upon a time, doorbells were just that. They were devices that registered a pleasant chime or sound whenever a visitor pressed an outside button at an entrance. The doorbell would signal that someone was at the door.

Doorbells still serve that function. These days, they’re also proving to be viable security devices. A recent article in the Washington Post pointed out that “smart doorbells,” as they’re called, come complete with surveillance cameras and motion-detecting capabilities, and can help deter at-home crime. Many homeowners have credited the smart doorbells with catching “porch pirates,” those who steal packages from a house’s front porch or stoop.

Today’s doorbells can be as simple as alerting homeowners to wanted (and unwanted) visitors. Or they can be as complex as viewing all activity at a front door, on the front property and even what’s going on in the street. Some have high-definition night vision as an “extra,” while many also record a live-stream feed, allowing those at home (or on vacation) to store footage and review, as needed.

These smart doorbells are being offered as home amenities in many master-planned communities (MPC). In fact, all homes in the ARTAVIA® community require smart doorbell installation.

How They Work

The smart doorbell is internet-driven. Specifically, it’s connected to the at-home Wi-Fi. This means when visitors approach or press the button on the outside of a home, residents receive a notification via smartphone, computer or tablet that someone is at the door.

Many of these smart doorbells (such as those required by ARTAVIA® for its homes) also have the option of real-time video (as mentioned above) and two-way audio. So, if someone is delivering a package and you doesn’t want to open the door to receive it, you can tell the delivery person to leave it on the porch. The visitor screening is a high-end security tool; it lets people know you’re monitoring, whether they’re actually at home or elsewhere.

The Must-Have Security Device

While the standard doorbell is great for informing you that visitors are at the door, smart doorbells provide visuals and other important information about who is on your front porch, doorstep or front stoop. Depending on the “extras” offered, these devices can also help you keep an eye on neighborhood goings-on, providing higher-level home security in ARTAVIA®.

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