Living in Conroe, Texas

Reasons to Move Here

When you are looking for somewhere new to put down roots, you have a lot of factors to consider. You’ll need to look at the current housing market, explore schools, determine work commutes, and explore options for fun and entertainment. What makes a perfect area differs for everyone, but Conroe, TX, seems to have something for everyone. If you are someone who is looking for a small-town feel with city opportunities, look no further. Conroe has affordable housing, small-knit communities, an amazing school system, and everything you need for a great night out.

Small-Town Feel

If you are looking for a place that is experiencing growth while maintaining small-city roots, then add Conroe to the top of your list. For many prospective homeowners, feeling part of a community is important. Many of us want the amenities of a large city but the comfort and familiarity of a small town. This is one of the most appealing aspects of Conroe. According to the U.S. Census, Conroe is less populated per square mile when compared to other cities in Texas. When you want the thrills of the big city, Houston is only 40 miles away. This quick-hour drive into the city ensures you never miss a thing. You’ll love the convenience of easy accessibility to concerts, sporting events, and festivals.

Plenty to Do

Conroe may provide a small-town feel, but there is plenty to do. The downtown area is a hopping hub of shopping malls, breweries, eateries, theaters, and restaurants. The downtown area also has a great public transportation system, making it easy to get anywhere you want to go in no time. Conroe offers an abundance of things to do.  There is the historic Crighton Theatre that puts on various shows throughout the year that are fun for the whole family. There is also the Conroe Art Gallery, the Montgomery County Fair and Rodeo, the Lone Star Monument, and so much more. When you are looking to escape for a few hours or make a whole day out of it, there is always something exciting happening in Conroe.

It also has amazing options when it comes to restaurants and nightlife. From simple yet delectable pub food to high-end cuisines, there is something for everyone. Some of the most popular must-experience spots include:

  • Moorhead’s Blueberry Farm
  • B.E. Winery
  • The Republic Grille
  • Red Brick Tavern
  • B-52 Brewing Company
  • Bartletts Distillery
  • Pacific Yard House
  • Mama Juanita’s Mexican Restaurant

For those who enjoy the outdoors, there are plenty of outdoor recreational activities to enjoy in Conroe. The city itself is surrounded by natural landmarks such as the W.G. Jones State Forest, the Sam Houston National Forest, and Lake Conroe. Outdoor recreation options include hiking, biking, horseback riding, fishing, boat rentals, and more.

Conroe Is Affordable

The cost of living in Conroe, TX, is an important factor when determining the best location for you. You need to know that you’ll be able to afford your house payments, utilities, groceries, transportation, and everything in between. Conroe is cheaper than the national average by 5-7%, and affordability is key to its continued growth. This may not seem like a lot, but when it comes to annual savings, it can make quite a difference. Conroe caters to all demographics, from young college kids looking to start out to individuals looking for a comfortable place to retire.

Conroe ISD is Highly Rated

If you have young children, finding a quality school system is likely at the top of your must-have list. The Conroe Independent School District (CISD) is one of the fastest-growing school districts across the U.S.. The district has an excellent student-teacher ratio designed for students to get the attention they need to thrive at any level of academic learning. You’ll love the familiarity of the schools and the ease with which your children will be able to make life-long friends.

Moving to Conroe, TX

Making the move to Conroe, TX, is an easy decision. You get the accessibility to entertainment and fun that you want from a big city as well as the tight-knit community and excellent school systems you expect from a small town. Conroe is affordable and rising steadily as a top choice of living option. When it comes to weighing the pros vs. the cons, there are very few cons that would affect the quality of your life in Texas. You’ll be amazed at all Conroe has to offer for you and your family. Come see why the numbers continue to rise year after year. Visit Artavia today to find your new home.

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