Lifestyle Programs And Relationship Building In Master Planned Communities

Master-planned communities—MPC—are large residential developments that also offer on-site amenities, such as activity buildings, lakes, parks, hike-bike trails and playgrounds. By this definition, ARTAVIA falls under the MPC label.

The truly effective MPC do more than provide added features. They offer planned community events and lifestyle programs. In a sense, these programs help convert MPC from places to live into true neighborhoods. They also can help drive purchasing decisions among potential homeowners.

Defining the Lifestyle Program

It’s hoped that when residents move into a specific subdivision or neighborhood, that they’ll immediately make friends and become a part of that community. A planned lifestyle program helps hasten that process. In its most basic sense, a lifestyle program consists of planned events, activities, get-togethers and clubs that bring MPC residents together. Operated under the direction of a seasoned lifestyle planner or director, such programs enhance residents’ quality of life, while also improving overall property values.

ARTAVIA hosts regular activities, such as Black Light Bingo, First Friday Flamingle at the Plaza and Trivia in the Gathering Room. Then there are holiday-specific events, that include Haunted Trails (for Halloween) and Enchanted Village (celebrating winter holidays).

Each ARTAVIA activity and event has one goal: Building relationships by bringing neighbors together.

Why Build Relationships?

Homeownership is more than four walls and a ceiling. It also involves where the home is located, and the type of people that make up the community. Getting to know neighbors through MPC lifestyle event can improve the following.

Wellbeing. Human beings are social creatures. We need regular interaction with others to ensure contentment, comfort and even good health. For the most part, we’re happier when interacting with others. Whether you’re waving hello on your way somewhere, or are having a lengthy discussion over the backyard fence, neighbors are a great, nearby source for communication and connection.

Safety and security. Neighbors who know one another are a second set of eyes when it comes to home and property protection. They communicate more readily with law enforcement and other neighbors when strange or suspicious happenings take place.

Support system. Are you out of sugar, and need to finish baking a cake? Do you need a ride to the emergency room because you twisted your ankle? Are you going out of town, and require someone to pick up your mail and keep an eye on your house? Neighbors can provide all of this, and more. The more often you see your neighbors, the more likely they’ll become your friends; friends that are happy to help you by doing favors.

Property values. Neighbors matter and to most people. Going one step further, good neighbors can help drive home buying decisions. Research shows that friendly neighbors can actually increase property values for the reasons mentioned above.

The Basis of Good Neighbors

MPC lifestyle and community events—such as those offered in ARTAVIA—are enjoyable and a lot of fun. They’re a great way for people to get out of their homes and to participate with others. They also help build relationships between residents, allowing them to get to know one another. The result? A community of people who genuinely care about each other.

If you’re looking for an ideal community with great neighbors, tour ARTAVIA. For more information, visit us at

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