Googling “home design trends for 2023” generates about 287 million results. The results point to various trends like darker kitchen counters, the return of formal dining rooms, and an uptick in “performance” fabric. In the abundance of predictions and observations about what will be the most popular, the following four consistently stand out:

#1 – Vintage is Back

A desire for individuality, combined with an interest in sustainability is leading to more thrift store visits. Homeowners are canvassing these stores – as well as their attics – to find older and antique furnishings and décor to install in living spaces.

Coordinated spaces and even matching furniture sets are out. A focus on second-life goods and second-chance decoration is in. Look for furnishings and accents to demonstrate individuality and a sense of uniqueness.

#2 – Lighting is More Than . . . Just Light

We’re not talking about lighting fixtures here (though some interior design experts note that chandeliers have run their course). Instead, more homeowners are incorporating indoor light as part of an important interior element.

During 2023, ambient and intentional lighting will become more popular. Lighting changes will be especially important to inspire mood. Lighting will focus on different shades of color and tone, as well as encompassing decorative light bulbs.

#3 – White is Out, Color is In

While white and neutral walls were popular for many years, more time spent at home due to the pandemic has eroded the demand for this style. Most people became bored, staring at blank white walls.

Instead, the coming year will generate a higher level of creativity and personalization with spaces, including walls. As a result, look for energetic and fun colors on walls. Also look for wallpaper to make a comeback.

#4 – Biophilic is Still a Thing

During the pandemic and quarantine isolation, homeowners focused on adding indoor greenery to liven up interior spaces. Biophilic – an interior design approach that connects indoor spaces with nature – will continue in 2023.

But this won’t involve crowding more plants into indoor spaces. It will encompass the desire for natural wood in furniture, décor and walls. Fabrics closely related to nature will be in demand. Additionally, there will be a movement from indoor greenery to more interesting desert landscapes or focal plants.

A Focus on Individuality

The main interior design aspect likely to come out of 2023 will be that of personal style and individuality within homes. Vintage items, bright colors and natural touches can help build a living space or home that has the most up-to-date style.

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